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~fallen angel

Park Jungsoo
1 July
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♥Basic Information♥
Character's Name: Park Jungsoo (Eeteuk)
Birthdate: July 1
Age: 24
Gifts: Angel Wings
(The wings are cyclic. The first week of the month, they begin growing, and it is very painful. The second week, they are full, and he is able to fly, but unable to hide them. The third week, they molt, and he is unable to fly, but they are easier to hide. The fourth week, he has no wings at all.)
Occupation: was a model before the wings appeared, has trouble getting work now because he only has less than two weeks a month he can work. He does odd jobs right now while trying to figure out what to do with himself.

Eeteuk grew up in a happy, average family, with only slightly overbearing parents. They pushed him to go to college, which he did for a while, but he wasn't happy, so he left it to persue a modeling career. For months, he had severe shoulder pain, and the doctors couldn't figure out why, and then his wings manifested. This was about a year ago. Since then, nothing has been the same.

♥Appearance & Personality♥
He loves to collect clothing and is always seen wearing something different. When hiding his wings, he dresses in baggy, oversized clothing. His hair changes, but is most often long and brown and in a ponytail.

♥Plotting♥ Click Here